You can volunteer in many different ways!

Get involved personally and support us as a volunteer! There are different ways to support our non-profit and our projects on a voluntary basis and dedicate your know-how and working power:

1) You have contact to local schools or have children yourself? Become a coach or mentor for our projects FIRST LEGO League with the divisions Explore and Challenge or for RoboCup Junior and establish and coach a team throughout the tournament season. Find out more about our educational programs.

2) On the tournament days we need dedicates referees and judges who evaluate teams in different categories (e.g. teamwork, technical design, research) of our programs. We can connect you on the regional level to one of our local partners (schools, universities, non-profits organizing FIRST LEGO League Challenge or FIRST LEGO League Explore events) or if you are experienced already volunteer at higher level tournaments like one of the seven Qualifications or the FIRST LEGO League Final for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Your support is welcome in each stage!

Get in touch with us via e-mail info@hands-on-technology.org or call us +49 (0)341-2461583.