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Take part: send in FLL Alumni video

by Stefanie Sieber

This year FLL is going to its 15th round in Central Europe. A long time – that is why we would like to take a little balance. We are looking for former FLL participants studying today, taking an apprenticeship or already entered “working life“ and share their FLL experience with us and the world. Record a short (maximum 2 minutes) video of yourself answering our three questions: What funny anecdote from FLL do you remember best? What did you learn within FLL still bringing you forward in your live? What are you doing today professionally (shortly describe your career)? We would like to share as many videos as possible on our You Tube channel.

We do not expect a ready edited video, we will do some editing and put some titles between the answers. So if your part is done (answering questions) send us an e-mail so we can let you know where to upload the video. If you have never done such a video yourself please read our best practice hints.

Take action and help motivating youngsters to get involved with STEM and FLL as early as possible – deadline is end of 2016!

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