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Sale of materials from Mindstorm project

A Berlin agency offers the following materials from the Mindstorm project from season 2013/14 completely or in parts:

  • at least 36 Mindstorms or Mindstorms Education Sets NXT 2.0
  • 3 Mindstorms-Education-Sets EV3
  • many additional spare parts, sensors and sets (eg Mindstorms Droid Develover Set)
  • 8 official FLL fields including complete accessories
  • 1 official Lego-FLL tournament table with fold-down action area and base unit (VS)
  • 2 self-made wooden playing surfaces without a substructure (competitively priced)
  • various books, software and scientific experiment sets on the subject of Mindstorms and robotics.

All mentioned articles are in a good to very good condition. The new value of the total package is € 21,100 (all original invoices are available). If you decide to buy the complete package yourself, the total price is € 11,500. Please contact Mr. Frank Greiner for any further questions.

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