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FIRST LEGO League: Kickoff! New mission are online

The wait is finally over for the teams: Today at 6 p.m. sharp we published the new missions for FIRST LEGO League Explore and Challenge! Many teams have already received their Inspire- and Challenge-Sets, so now they can build, research, programm and test - all under the theme: Be a gamechanger! The teams are developing innovative ideas on how all of us can become more active in everyday situations and have fun with it.

All PLAYMAKERS of the FIRST LEGO League Explore are getting their documents together with their Inspire-Sets in the mail. More information on the tasks this season can be found here.

All documents for FIRST LEGO League Challenge for the RePLAY season are available for download for the coach. To see some excerpts and find out more about this years missions, just click here.

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