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Funds from "Educational Opportunities" for schools in rural areas

by Stefanie Sieber

We are increasingly committed to promoting STEM and digitalization in rural areas. Thanks to the generous support of the "Educational Opportunities" lottery, we have the opportunity to equip three classes each in elementary school and secondary schools in the coming season. This will enable these pupils to take part in our innovative "FIRST LEGO League in the classroom" format to get started with the educational program in their school.

We are convinced that access to modern educational content and technology should be independent of geographical location. With this project, we want to improve educational opportunities for children and young people in rural areas and get them excited about the exciting possibilities in the fields of STEM and digitalization. The call for schools will start at the beginning of the new season on May 3, 2024. We look forward to working with schools and teachers to explore innovative approaches and fully exploit the potential of our pupils.

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