HANDS on News


by Stefanie Sieber

In about one week it is going to start again! On Aug 1st 6 p.m. the missions and building instructions will be released for the CITY SHAPERSM and BOOMTOWN BUILDSM Season. The most important information will be available on our websites for FIRST® LEGO® League and FIRST® LEGO® League Junior.
FIRST® LEGO® League Junior Teams receive everything needed with their Inspire Set.
The FIRST® LEGO® League teams will receive team meeting guides and engineering notebooks including all details about rules and missions and further helpful material in the Coach-Login. As the new system SPIKE Prime will be available from beginning 2020, FIRST® LEGO® League in Central Europe will be run the whole season with the existing systems from LEGO® Mindstorms (EV3, NXT, RCX). If you have questions about the missions please send us an e-mail to

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