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EU Project “Robotics4Teens” for FLL Teams

von Stefanie Sieber

One of our polish partners offers an opportunity for other FLL Teams in Central Europe (EU only) that we want to share. The Project "Robotics4teens" is supposed to take place between September 2019 and August 2020 and involves the cooperation between 3 schools from different EU countries. That includes, holding workshops, organising robotics competitions and encourage exchange between cultures. The aim of the project is to develop and improve key competences of the 21st century (multilingual, scientific, technology, engineering, mathematical, entrepreneurship and literacy). The up to 30 students should be aged 13-15, male as well as female and preferably coming from underserved rural areas. If your school or team is interested and wants to know more please contact the school in Karczmiska (PL) through Monika Romanowska.

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