Giving & Support

Become a donor

Support HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. in general or a special part of our projects as listed below with your donations:

  • Editing a question in the online category "Questions & Answers" (10 €)
  • Production of 500 FLL, FLLJr, or RCJ Flyer (50 €)
  • FLL Web presentation for 1 month (100 €)
  • Power for the HANDS on office for 3 months (150 €)
  • Expenses for telephone during the FLL Season (250 €)
  • 6 months of newsletter dispatch (400 €)
  • Equipment for judges during FLL Final (500 €)
  • Shooting the video presenting the FLL Missions (750 €)

Each donaton is used as permitted by and described in the articles of association. Every donor receives a donation receipt immediately.


Plautstraße 80
D-04179 Leipzig

Paypal Donation

Passive membership for Förderverein HANDS on e.V.

Alternatively, you can support the work of HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. as a passive member of our friend´s association "Förderverein HANDS on e.V.". Passive members want to support the aim of the organisation - supporting the work of HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. and hereby the support of technical & scientific education of young people - by their membership. You do not run into further obligations except supporting us regularly with the annual membership fee. The height of it is your free choice but should be a minimum of 250 Euros.

Informal applications for admission as a passive member, please send to:

Förderverein HANDS on e.V.
Plautstraße 80
04179 Leipzig

With your informal membership application as a passive member please share the following data with us: name, surname, date of birth, address (invoice address if different), e-mail, telephone, yearly membership fee (choosable, min. 250,00 €), if you agree with the SEPA direct debit authorization please also share your bank details (bank, IBAN, BIC), enrolement for newsletter list yes/no)

Shop online for us

Support us easily through your online shopping tour via AmzonSmile or  Gooding (only from Germany. Choose HANDS on TECHNOLOGY to be supported before you shop via those portals. Your shopping tour brings a donation for us which is funded by the online shop - you will not be charged extra therefore.

Become a volunteer

Get involved personally and support us as a volunteer! There are different ways to support our non-profit and our projects on a voluntary basis and dedicate your know-how and working power:

1) You have contact to local schools or have children yourself? Become a coach or mentor for our projects FIRST LEGO League, FIRST LEGO League Junior or RoboCup Junior and establish and coach a team throughout the tournament season. Find out more about our programs.

2) On the tournament days we need dedicates referees and judges who evaluate teams in different categories (e.g. teamwork, technical design, research) of our programs. We can connect you on the regional level to one of our local partners (schools, universities, non-profits organizing FLL or FLL Jr. events) or if you are experienced already volunteer at higher level tournaments like one of the seven Semi Finals or the FLL Final Central Europe. Your support is welcome!

Get in touch with us via e-mail or call us +49 (0)341-2461583.