The following members are involved in the non-profit organisation HANDS on TECHNOLOGY


If you want to know more about our projects or our organization please contact us: or call us +49(0)341 246 1583.


Philipp Krauss

Chairman of the Board HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V.

»My first contact with HANDS on and FLL was professionally conditioned, but the virus has infected me. Again and again impressed me  the young participants in the competition through their own enthusiasm for the competition, research (just things to question, develop new ideas),and - of course - for technology. It pleases me that I should accompany HANDS on this.«

Marco Gross / mellowmessage GmbH

Deputy Chairman of the Board HAND on TECHNOLOGY e.V.

»The principle of the digital world as we know it, is very young and is improving constantly. But as new and varying this world still is, it does already control huge parts of our lives and shows us, how much potential it has. For us as a company and member of HoT, young talents are to our concern. We are supporting HoT in order to motivate the kids of today, to learn something about the digital world of tomorrow.«

Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum/ Irmgard Rothkirch

»Working for and with young people inspired my work everyday. In FLL impressed me time and again the ingenuity of the contestants in dealing with modern technologies. I do not want to miss the happy and motivating tournamentatmosphere.

As an employee of a museum, especially the young people want to bring the history of information and communication technology in more detail, I look forward to supporting the work of Hands On to be able to.

Heldele Stiftung / Sabine Allmendinger

The initiave came 2008 from a chairman of the board of Heldele Foundation, since that time Ms Allmendinger is oragnizing FLL tournaments in the region Göppingen together with HANDS on.The foundation offers workshops for coaches (free of charge) and supports the teams with sponsoring (e.g. total newcomers receive a complete FLL Robot Set). The tournament in Salach is accompanied by a cheerleading and a marketing competition to approach and inspire more young people. Sabine Allmendinger is delighted to be part of the big FLL family and supports her teams with help and advice. She says: "It is facinating again and again with how much passion the young people are going into the challenge and fight toegther, even if it is not working as good as planned."

Armin Gardeia / Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg

"My first time experience with FIRST LEGO League was as a guest, observer and judge at the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum in Paderborn and I was enthusiastic about it from the first minute. Infected by  the FLL virus I brought the idea home to oragnize a regional tournament at the University of Applied Sciences (OTH) in Regensburg. Since that time Regensburg became the eastern bavarian venue for regional tournaments. At OTH Regensburg I am the project leader for „Young University“ with the aim to bring kids and youngsters into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and offer a broad tuitional and professional orientation in different topics. We offer technology courses in Kindergarden, a trial course for studying for the bigger ones and special STEM courses for girls. FLL fits quite good into the range of services. I especially like that FLL offers "sustainable learning". As a educational scientist my view point is that effective and sustainable learning can only succeed with fun, interest and motivation - all these things are in FLL." or Studium/ Service & Beratung

Stefan Ginthum

Germany lacks professionals in technical and scientific fields, as well as engineers. The university graduates in the STEM subjects not meet the needs of our economy. Germany's economy needs the STEM talent. Much has been talked about, unfortunately it is often lacking in the implementation of the measures or they put too late.
HANDS on with the FLL provides the perfect STEM funding and enthusiastic children and young people in a fun way. Children learn technical processes know to use digital technologies and machines learn to program, contact mathematical and scientific laws and acquire independent skills to solve problems in the field of communication, cooperation and skills. Skills, which are very important in their future careers. So I imagine a contemporary educational program. And that is why I am happy to join HANDS on.

Katrin Habelmann

When I realized that there is a non-profit in my home area that brings science and technology to kids and youngsters I was hooked right away. As a female being employed over 13 years in a technical environment I know how important it is to loose timidity against technology as early as possible and how much fun it brings.

My biggest motivation is it to support other people especially kids and youngsters in their development and to get to know a broad bandwith of professional perspectives. That is why I am happy to accompany the non-profit organization HANDS on TECHNOLOGY during this process.

Ute Ihme

»Since the very beginning of my work at the University of Mannheim, I am committed to the promotion of young people in the field of technology and natural sciences. LEGO Mindstorms sets are perfect for that purpose. Quickly it became clear that challenges are needed to keep young people focused on a topic over a long period. So I looked around for robotic competitions. I quickly found FIRST LEGO League. In 2007 I took part in a tournament with a team for the first time. Since 2008 we have been organizing a regional tournament at the University of Mannheim. Since then, I and my family have been fascinated by FIRST LEGO League, so that not only we organize our local tournament, but we regularly participate in other tournament as referees and judges.

Also RoboCup Junior is a valuable competition, which I have accompanied actively for more than 10 years. Since 5 years I am organizing a qualification tournament at my university.

Due to the different orientation I find both competitions excellent for the promotion of young people. For the summer holidays, I regularly offer LEGO robot classes for beginners and advanced players, including one for girls.

I am pleased to be able to contribute my experiences to the association.»

LEGO A/S - Franz Drack

»We need to show children that it is more fun to create and construct a video game or robot than playing with it. The robotic competition FLL is absolutely appropriate for demonstrating the fun of technology.«

Reiko Käske

»Creativity, technical understanding and the courage to own solutions are virtues becoming more and more important. HANDS on TECHNOLOGY offers children and youngsters an ideal incentive to reinforce these talents individually with ideas that create fun and trigger an aha reaction. The final events that I was guest at left a lasting impression with me. The participants pleasure about the challenge, the work of the teams, the joint solution of tricky missions, the easy dealing with digital technology. That is intelligent and contemporary education and the reason why I support the work of the organization."

Hendrik Madeya

»FIRST LEGO League has been inspiring me since my first participation as a team member.  Since 2006 I see every year anew how many children and teenagers master the challenges of the FLL. But there is much more to it than just building a LEGO robot. The children get the chance to learn the skills they will need in their future professional lives in an almost playful environment. Since I myself have benefited from the experiences in the FLL, it is my motivation to be able to offer the children and young people the same opportunity. This is why I am involved in the Nano Giants Academy & HANDS on TECHNOLOGY as an organiser, judge and referee.«

Thomas Madeya

"As a coach I had the luck not only to help children being successful in FLL but also preparing them for life, at least partially. FLL is far more as building and programming a robot. The children find solutions for as a team for challenges they are not able to solve individually. Therefore they have to learn to set goals for themselves, take over responsibility and to not give up while they experience a rebound. I am fascinated by the range of topics from gearwheels to presentation techniques and from teamwork activity to cybernetics, which challenge me as a coach and give me something new to learn."

Kenny Meesters

»Not everyone is going to be a famous basket player […] but still there is a basketball court on every school. There is a job for everyone in science and engineering, shouldn’t every school have a science class?”, the lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas and FIRST ambassador said that.
The science and technology programs of HANDS on TECHNOLOGY provide a great opportunity for young minds. Through team-efforts, self-exploration and guided by inspiring ambassadors our future generation experience first-hand the thrill of building a robot that walks, discovering a solution to a global problem or overcoming challenges by working together. We want kids look up to scientist and engineers in the same way they look up to movie-stars, doctors, and sports-heroes. The programs HANDS on TECHNOLOGY offers to our future generation build recognition for science and technology. The fun, interactive and challenging programs, inspire them to actively think about the role of science and technology and what this means to them. Kenny Meesters, Researcher at Tilburg University and FIRST Global Volunteer.«

Astrid Müller

As a founding member and Managing Director for many years she is giving advisory support to the non-profit organization now.

National Instruments GmbH

»It's OK to have fun! That applys not only to free time activities - learning can be fun, too. To emphasize this aspect and to introduce young people to technology NI supports HoT and FLL as well as other educational programms starting from kindergarten going over schools up to universities and research activities.«

Prof. Dr. Udo Ossendoth

»I simply enjoy connecting young people and technology. FLL is a great opportunity to do so. That is why I am joining this programm!«

Dr. Siegfried Pongratz

»The enthusiasm of the kids and youngsters has infected me and every year I´m looking forward to being a jugde at FLL Final Central Europe. There is also my “personal affection" to LEGO because I have experienced the creative scope of the bricks when I was a child and as well together with my son. The idea of FLL, to bring young people closer to modern technologies and arouse their interest for the item is my very special personal concern.«

Juliane Riedel

»FIRST LEGO League is fun for „big and small“. While children and youngsters take part in a project, the adults  have as much fun supporting young talents as well as the children in taking part. Lots of passion and aspiration to support children in a playful manner unites everyone involved in the project and creates a community speaking with the heart. ... I love to play with them!«


»Formally created in 2002, Robot-CH is a Swiss association with the targeted objective to promote robotics by acting in all domains of society: education, research, economy, and public at large. In this context, Robot-CH recognizes FLL as an excellent initiative, addressing the needs of children and  young teenagers. Robot-CH is supporting this initiative and takes part in its development at national and international level since 2006.«

Klaus Schröcker

»For me, FIRST LEGO League is an ingenious training concept to introduce youngsters systematically to team-oriented research and development. Where else do teachers receive professionally designed and, above all, new, unknown research and robotics tasks each year for a challenging team project, and do not even have to evaluate their students' accomplishments themselves? Many teachers evolve through their participation in FLL into practice-proven coaches with positive effects also on their "normal" teaching. The students train valuable skills for the challenges of the digital 21st century.«

Dr. Michael Sieb

I was also caught by the virus FLL, at the OEC in Mannheim 2012. It's amazing which creative and technical potential lies in the young people which only needs an impetus to come out. That there need besides Robot Game and Robot Design every year to explore a new scientific background theme applies to the FLL and the social team structure is evaluated, making the competition for young women and men so attractiv. TiRoLab enthusiastic people from 5 to 105 years for an active management of technology and shows them how they can use it to implement your creative ideas into reality. HANDS on TECHNOLOGY is a great and important partner.

Jakub Stribrny

»At my first tournament I was 10 years old, and than I grew up with FLL. 12 years later FLL is still part of my life and I can't imagine it without it. Through the competition I learned a lot for my life and made great experience and wish to as many kids as possible the same.«

Non-profit organisation "Technischer Jugendfreizeit- u. Bildungsverein"

»The non-profit-organsiation "tjfbv" is on the one hand contributing to focus on technology within its offer of extracurricular youth work and on the other hand trying to create some kind of technical culture: to gain experience – to attain knowledge – to use technology.«

Lucas Thiem

»FIRST Lego League is accopaniying me since my early youth and with it the non-profit organization HANDS on TECHNOLOGY. The preparation for the tournaments and the events themselves have driven forward my personal as well as the development of friends of mine in a very special way. We have learned what effects working together in direction of a target can have and what it means to stand for the results of your work and that both defeats and winning do pay off. Taking a look back on our school career we are sure that our lives would look completely different without Lego robots: we have found new perspectives. Now that I am not an FLL Coach anymore I am involved as a judge to contribute to a inspiring openminded future for the next generation.«

TMC GmbH – The Marketing Company

"Children and young people are our future. And introducing them to IT and technical topics that are enduring and relevant to this future is one of the most important mandates of our era. As a full-service agency for communication and events, and one that specializes in IT, we strive in our work to support this goal visibly and credibly. "

Susanne Voigt

»Inspiring young people for technology and science and giving them the opportunity to experience teamwork and project work is great! The bright eyes at the tournament, the enthusiasm with which the kids, the coaches, but also family and friends are there, always give me a goosebump feeling. I am proud to work full-time for the association HANDS on TECHNOLOGY since 2005 and I am very gladly to support the association also as a member.«

Tim Waibel

»From 2009 on, the FIRST LEGO League is a big hobby for me. As a team member, I could already make great experiences and even after seven seasons I still had so much fun that the maximum age should not be a reason to stop with FLL. Since then, I mentor robotic clubs at a school as well as FLL-teams and also support FLL tournaments in various positions. It is always great to see kids learning things and abilities over weeks, months and sometimes even years because those are things that they will not only help them in FLL, but also in their future work life. And it quickly shows up that teamwork also plays a big role – you don’t only have more success, but also more fun solving challenges together – and that not only as a team, but also “on the other side” of FLL.«

Christine Widmann

»To give children and young people something meaningful on their way through life is a great personal concern of mine. What the participants learn, experience and achieve at FIRST LEGO League is simply great and inspires me again and again as an employee of HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e. V. I would also like to support the association as a member in its great and important work.«