We are a non-profit organisation and therefore do not earn anything with hosting events and tournaments. The tournament is solely financed by the participation fee and donations. Since 2002, we have been collecting donations to make a new FLL Season possible each year. Realising the tournament needs a lot of effort and money. We are grateful for every donation, no matter how small - it helps us to stay on track. „We want to prod children and youngsters to become enthusiastic for science and technology“– you may hear this phrase very often. But this is exactly the aim of various people. They do what is possible, with greatest personal involvement, to accompany students on their way and to open doors, the school system or a lack of money and teachers cannot. We implement a German wide unified programme. It enables the access to natural science and technology. But you cannot thrill anyone with a one-time tournament. We want to be constantly recurring. As this is the only opportunity to extend knowledge and enhance teamwork.

Further donation examples

  • Editing a question in the online category "Questions & Answers" (10€)
  • Production of 750 FLL Flyer (50 €)
  • FLL web presentation for 1 month (75 €)
  • Power for the HoT-office for 3 months (100 €)
  • expenses for telephone during the FLL Season (250 €)
  • 6 months of newsletter dispatch (500 €)
  • equipment for judges during FLL Final (500 €)
  • shooting the video presenting the FLL Missions (750 €)

Each donaton is used as permitted by and described in the articles. Every donor receives a notification immediately.


Plautstraße 80
D-04179 Leipzig

Passive membership for Förderverein HANDS on e.V.

Alternatively, you can support the work of HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. as a passive member of our friend´s association "Förderverein HANDS on e.V.". Passive members want to support the aim of the organisation - supporting the work of HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. and hereby the support of technical & scientific education of young people - by their membership. The annual membership fee is your free choice but should be a minimum of 22 Euros.

Informal applications for admission as a passive member, please send to:

Förderverein HANDS on e.V.
Plautstraße 80
04179 Leipzig